Saturday, December 26, 2009

After the Holidays...

Yesterday was fantastic. We spent all day home, just us as a family. Charlotte got to spend the day with her new toys and we got to just hang out. Today we are heading out to get some errands done. We need to go get some thank you notes and print pictures to go in them, we need to take back our recycling and we are going to Starbucks a luxury I enjoyed before we moved here and get to enjoy again thanks to a gift card my mil sent! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! We only have 6 days until Charlotte turns 4, 11 days until our ultrasound and 13 days until my mil comes for Charlottes party! Busy folks we are these days!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hope Santa brought you and yours everything you wanted!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve to you!

Today is Christmas eve and it feels so weird. Usually were running the holiday triathlon trying to make sure we see everyone and that no one is disappointed, This year we are home and there aren't even any neighbors around. A week from tomorrow is my dear daughters fourth birthday, where does the time go?! I cant believe it, with Christmas always come the bittersweet reality that she is getting older every day. Hoping with this age she will understand the real reason behind Christmas this year. We will be going to church tonight, driving around to see Christmas lights and leaving our cookies and carrots out for Santa and the reindeer. What do you do on Christmas eve?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oh and by the way...

Only 2 weeks from today is our ultrasound!!!!!

Christmas is coming!

Charlotte and Santa at hubby's company Christmas party

Today we only have 2 days until Christmas! Charlotte is so excited, we've been getting boxes in the mail all week from family and they have been staring at her! Thankfully she hasn't tried to open any of them. Our cat on the other hand has tried! lol Today was going to be spent grocery shopping and cleaning house. Neither has been done quite yet! :) Hubby is home from work after only being gone an hour and a half, so hopefully he will help me. Tonight we get to carol with our church! Tomorrow we have cookies to make for Santa and of course gifts to put under the tree also church in the evening. I'm hoping it will be a very low-key relaxing day. Right now I have to give a very cranky girl a bath and get her dressed to go out later! Hope all of your preparations are going well!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Now its feeling like Christmas time!

Yesterday we attended Fort Campbell's annual tree lighting ceremony. We were really excited since it was said that Santa would be there. We were supposed to leave in time to be there by 5 pm but were running late. We got there around 5:15 and it was the perfect time. They had just lit the tree and everyone but maybe 20 of us were looking at that. In the meantime a line had started for Santa. So we hopped in line and only waited about 15 minutes or so. Charlotte was really looking forward to seeing him, and she did awesome. She told him what she wanted and away we went! She got to choose 2 prizes off of a table, she got a puzzle with Disney princesses and a fairy barbie doll. We then went to look at the gorgeous tree and have a cookie. Can't wait until next year when we get to take two little ones!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Today we started working on Charlotte's preschool workbook. Next fall she will be attending a Pre-K program through the elementary school and I want her to be as ready as possible before then. So we started today with coloring the 2 pictures out of a row of 3 that are the same color. She did ok with that, got all of the answers right but got really frustrated that she cant color in the lines. It was frustrating for me too, knowing that an almost 4 year old usually cant color in the lines yet. Then we moved on to tracing circles and the word CIRCLE. She did awesome with that and thankfully squares are tomorrow! I really enjoy working with her and watching her make sense of things on her own. Kids are an amazing thing!

After her work was done for today we played some Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders. Last time we pulled them out, quite a few months ago, it didn't go well. Today she stayed on her spot and played within the rules! I am so proud of my girl! Small victory, but hey, I'll take it!

Tomorrow I must get my floors mopped and clean the kitchen. I have been majorly slacking this week, trying to get over a sinus infection and getting CHRISTmas things together. Hope everyone had a lovely day!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holidays Spent at Home

This year for our holidays we decided to stay in Kentucky instead of going home to Michigan. We wanted to start our own traditions and enjoy the holidays as a family in case of deployment. As of now it is a great possibility my husband will be deployed by this time next year.

So Thanksgiving we had dinner with our neighbors Shana from Ohio and Jason from Louisiana and their daughter Elizabeth. They deep-fried a turkey and made cheesecake, while we made the sides and pumpkin pie. The day before I got the yams, pistachio salad, and pies made. Then the day of I made green bean casserole, cheesy potatoes, stuffing and rolls.

Everything turned out great! Charlotte really enjoyed the pumpkin pie!
So the day after Thanksgiving we decided to go get our tree and get gifts for Charlotte's cousins to send home. We went to Lowe's for our tree and it is lovely. Since I have lived with my husband all we have had room for was a tabletop tree, so this year we bought a live tree that is about 6 or 7 feet tall! We set it up, let the branches settle and went shopping at the PX for gifts. We got all the cousins gifts bought and wrapped and our cards in the mail! Can't beat that! So now, without further ado, our tree and stockings.
Cant wait until we go shopping for gifts for Charlotte, hopefully in the next week or so! Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was great, cant wait to see your trees and decorations!