Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Making Rice Krispie Treats with friends....

Sunday after church we were invited to our friend Sarahs to decorate rice krispie treats with the kids! They all had a blast and quite the sugar high for evening service!!!
Here is our sweet group!

Here is Miss Riley Rae and her beautiful creation! She is so cute, I just want to eat her up!

 Miss Hannah Banana and her finished product!

Miss Charlotte and her masterpiece! (And sweet Mr. Chase in the background)

Chase enjoying some frosting! Look at those eyes! He's gonna be a heartbreaker for sure!

 Tuesday enjoying some krispie treat with the lovely Mrs. Sarah!
So glad she invited us! Its so nice to get the kids together for something fun!


Susannah said...

Hey girl, we went to the Brentwood UMC sale and lots of others. Not sure how my friend found them all. How far is Antioch from Brentwood? They have a spring sale, you should def go! Try to google consignment sales in your area or surrounding areas-they are full of good stuff, espesh if you go early!

Delicious and Easy Recipes said...

Hi. Very cute and beautiful kids and blog!