Thursday, August 4, 2011

Open house!

My Big Kindergarten Girlie!Charlotte had her open house today and was so excited to start Kindergarten! Here she is in her new classroom!
Super excited... until she found out her teacher was MR. Hill and not MRS. Hill. She is super nervous about having a male teacher for some reason, but I think once I'm not there, she will do great! He seems to have a super positive outlook on the way his class will run! Heres to hoping! My child definately needs some good ol fashioned structure, but I'm glad he doesnt run TOO tight of a ship! School starts tomorrow (woohoo)! There is a Boo Hoo/ Woohoo breakfast for kindergarten parents tomorrow and a sign up for the PTO, so thats were I will be at 9 tomorrow! Hope everyone (who starts this week) has a wonderful first week!

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